~ Quote of the Week ~

If you read the seminars page prior to this you will remember that I told you that "Attending mine or anyone else’s motivational seminar alone will NOT change your life." The key word (if you didn't pick up on it) was "alone".

I think that seminars are a great way to move your mind into a new place. In fact I attended the same seminars more then one time and each time my mind has grown so I hear the words differently each time.

I know you are saying, "Well Chris no one can present the same material each time the exact same." Well you can use the example on a motivational audio program and guess what, each time you listen to it you will hear a new program. Trust me as your mind grows, your ears hear differently.

My seminars will also motivate you to do, have and be more. Now motivation alone will not improve your results either. In fact motivation is a bit like food, it you don't use it regularly then you will lose the energy and fall into the same old routines.

For your own benefit, take in all the seminars that you can and let the results speak for themselves.