~ Quote of the Week ~

What is group coaching?

You got it, coaching as a group. Seriously though group coaching is an effective way to quickly sift through ideas as a group and organize them to achieve a common goal.

Now if you are wondering where I come in then you will be pleased to know that the first thing that you will receive is a unique point of view, this alone is invaluable.

You might say “Chris doesn’t know nearly as much about my business as I do.” And you would be right I don’t, you see I don’t have to know much about your company or your type of business to help you achieve your goals.

After all you already know everything about your company and the business you are in so why would I need to? But what I do know if how to direct your focus and how to shake your paradigms. Make you aware of what you are not doing, even though you already know how to do it.

Now go ahead give me a call today!